The Mint 400 in Las Vegas, Nevada threw out a challenge to offroad racers, and Jeepspeed answered the call. Trucks in all three General Tire Jeepspeed series classes showed up in numbers to battle the brutal course and see who was fastest. 29 Jeepspeed racers in three classes chose to take on the Mint 400. 10 Jeepspeed Challenge Production Class 1700’s, 8 Jeepspeed Cup Modified Class 2700’s and 11 Jeepspeed Outlaws Unlimited Class 3700 trucks. The competition is clearly intensifying and the quality of the many new builds is raising the bar.

Jeepspeed Outlaws Unlimited Class 3700 winner Billy Bunch, 2nd place 3714 Scott Dzierzanowski, and 3rd place 3711 Eric Sigwing had to overcome the challenge from 10 other unlimited trucks racing. “I was so excited to get out there with such a big class racing,” said Jesse Archer, who was driving for Bunch.

“We started next to 3739 Will Heaton. I got the inside line coming into the first right hand corner. Heaton apexes the corner and comes right over into us, damn Rookies, Bunch said with a laugh. It was fun; I’ve got the mark on my door panel that shows how close we were. Heaton and I were balls out through the infield passing 5-6 cars.

After the bridge, I knew the road funnels down into the uphill wash and I wanted to be there first. Three of us drag race up the straight away and Heaton checks up on the truck. I smash the throttle wide open and am able to get around the outside of them both. We almost had our day ended going up the wash. We’re running about 70 uphill with a little UTV sitting on the right. Right as I’m coming by him he reverses it back into the course. I don’t know how we missed him, Ryan and I both puckered up waiting for impact. That guy had an angel save him as we would have torn the whole back of his car off. From there we keep a fast pace picking off car after car. The 3722 Dan Simonson was the 2nd fastest car next to Heaton.