In Jeepspeed Outlaws Class 3700, Will Heaton came out on top. Heaton is still learning the ropes in offroad racing so the victory (his first), was affirmation that all the hard work is paying off. “We just tried to keep it together on day one,” said Heaton. “It was so dusty I could not see my hood. We’ve learned that bad things happen when you go off the course and can’t see. We finished 3rd, and decided for day two that we would just have to go for it. We learned the course enough to see a few spots were you could pass. The bugs are worked out of the truck, and I am feeling much more comfortable. Our strategy is simple; don’t do stupid stuff. On day two we were leading the way when we got a flat. We changed it and got back to picking guys off.” Heaton is a busy businessman, and Father. His kids come first so he races the events that fall when they are in school. As soon as they are old enough, they’ll be out there too, according to Will.